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Handwritten German Documents

Transcription and translation are both available – let me know your needs.

Modern German Translation

I have experience in translating German language material from all fields. Contact me if you would like a free quote.

French translation

I have a BA in French, took graduate courses in French literature and language, and lived in Paris as a student. Contact me for a quote if you need documents translated accurately from French into idiomatic English.

hungarian translation

I began studying Hungarian some thirty years ago and pursue scholarly research in Hungarian literature. I regularly translate Hungarian texts into idiomatic English. Contact me for a quote if this is what you need.

Multilingual translation

Many clients have handwritten documents in more than one language. If this is the case for you, contact me for a quote – the chances that I will be able to help you are high.

payment options

I accept payment via PayPal or personal check, whichever is more convenient for you. For PayPal, the client agrees to cover the small transaction fee.