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Specialist in handwritten german documents

The handwritten documents and letters handed down by our German ancestors are only meaningful once their messages have been revealed. For documents written in old German script like Kurrentschrift, Sütterlinschrift, or for printed items in Fraktur, Library Cat Translating offers the services you need. I translate journals, letters, legal papers, genealogical records, post cards, and more.

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About library cat translating

over 30 years experience

I am Ginny Lewis, Ph.D. I began studying German in 1981 and earned my doctorate in Modern German Literature from the University of Pennsylvania in 1989. My study of German language development from medieval to present day gives me a unique skill set in deciphering everything from standard German to dialect varieties, code-switching, non-standard spelling, legal and medical terms, and much more. I decipher all handwriting types: Kurrentschrift, Sütterlinschrift, modern handwriting, and even print in Fraktur.

Accuracy, modest rates, and efficient turn-around are important to me in working with you to meet your transcription and translation needs. Contact me via email regarding your project. I answer all emails within 24 hours.



Genealogical Records

Birth records, marriage documents, passports, death and burial records reveal precious details regarding one’s ancestry, yet can be quite challenging to decipher. Contact me if you would like an experienced translator to help you decipher and translate these documents. All documents transcribed and/or translated are kept confidential unless you expressly indicate otherwise.

letters and journals

Letters and diaries from past generations are a wellspring of information on our ancestors’ experiences, and may be historically valuable. Depending on who wrote them and the level of their education, they also pose real challenges for translators. I have a great deal of experience in translating documents written in High German, Low German (non-standard dialects), and everything in between.

handwritten legal documents

Archives across Europe house documents that genealogical researchers often photograph to shed light on their ancestors’ past. I have extensive experience working with such documents going back as far as 1700 and beyond. Let me know how I can help you make sense of these valuable historical resources.

modern german

Or if you simply seek a translator who can translate modern German for you, I would be happy to assist you. I lived in Germany as a student and have traveled there many times. Contact me anytime for translations of modern German into idiomatic English.


My language studies extend to other languages beyond German – I have a BA in French and spent a year living abroad in Paris. Contact me if you need someone to translate your French-language documents into idiomatic English.


I began studying Hungarian about 30 years ago and this is now the primary language of my scholarly research and translation efforts as a professor. If your ancestors include people from Greater Hungary and you have letters and other documents from them, contact me for a translation quote.

library cat translating is here for you

Over the years I have encountered any number of clients who struggled to find someone with the expertise necessary to translate handwritten German documents of great significance for their family, heritage, and research. If you need assistance with such documents, Library Cat Translating is here to help.

I will respond to your email request within 24 hours